Video Editing Services

Get your video edited with professional video editing and post-production services.

Let’s transform your raw footage into awesome videos.

Never Worry About Video Editing Again

When you hire Blue Crest Productions for your video editing services, you are working with me!

I’m Billy Mark, a freelance video editor, and the owner of Blue Crest Productions.

Premium Editing Services


Quick turnaround time

Text animations & overlays

Color correction

Sound effects, adjustments & music

Professional transitions

ALWAYS Personal. NEVER Outsourced.

ALWAYS Personal.

NEVER Outsourced.

I do not subcontract video editing projects. Ever! Other video editing companies promote “unlimited” revisions–because they outsource to cheap overseas teams. As a result, the quality of work usually suffers. 

So, What’s Included In Your Video Editing Services?

When you hire Blue Crest Productions, you get a professional video editor for your project. My goal is to recreate your video style for you, if you have one already; that includes (but not limited to) titles, text overlays, lower third graphics, color correction, sound effects, music, and video transitions. We will further discuss your style, and video production needs before we start working together. See examples below: 

Text Animations & Overlays

video editing animations overlays

Titles, text animation, lower-thirds, logos, and more will be animated in your video to match your brand or style preferences.

Color Correction

color correction services color gradingcolor correction services color grading

I’ll adjust your footage’s exposure, color balance, and contrast (to name a few) to match across the video. If you’re looking for a specific stylistic look, we can speak about color grading you project, as well.

Audio | Sound Effects and Music

video audio editing sound effects music

Audio levels are synced, balanced and adjusted. I match your camera and external audio into a final mix that is pleasing to the ear.

Sound effects will be added to complement your content and enhance video transitions, motion graphics, text and more.

Video Transitions

video transitions editing editor

Smooth transitions are infused (but not overused) into your video. I do more than simply editing your clips in order; I’ll make them distinct.

Professional Video Editing & Production 

For ANY type of content:

YouTube Video Editing

My love for video editing started with becoming a YouTube content creator, myself. I can edit your vlog, talking head footage, video essays, and more! 

Video Podcast Editing

Audio mixing and multicam video editing. I will add titles, logos, lower-thirds graphics, b-roll and whatever else you need in your video podcast.

Short-Form Video Editing

YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels & TikToks.

I’ll edit with retention in mind; captions, graphics, images, and more will be edited into your short-form content based on your needs.

Corporate Video Editing

Training videos, product ads for your marketing campaign, social media content, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Videos do you produce?

My video editing services include post-production for any type of video content!

I DON’T SHOOT VIDEO. I am NOT a videographer. I am a video editor.

You provide the footage, and I create you an awesome video for your YouTube channel, agency, commercial, documentary, or business.

How much do you charge for video editing?

My minimum project fee is $650. After we chat, I can provide an estimate for your project. If you need ongoing work, we can talk about a monthly retainer.

Do you include revisions?

Yes! Two rounds of revisions are included with all projects. 

The first round of revisions will be based on the comments you provide on the first-cut of your video.

The second round of revisions will be based on the comments you provide on the final-cut.

If you require additional revisions, they will be charged at my hourly rate. Typically, the included two rounds are more than enough.