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Professional Podcast Editor for hire.

Do You Need Video Podcast Edited For YouTube and Social Media?

Blue Crest Productions is the BEST choice, offering long-form and short-form YouTube video editing services for content creators and businesses.

I will work with you to re-create and improve the style of your channel.

No more worrying about spending hours at your computer, leave the editing process to me! I’ll deliver professional videos.

Don’t waste your time with a browser-based ai or free online video editor; a drag and drop solution will not reproduce the vision in your head. The best video editing is done by a person with experience!

My editing suite of choice is Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • I edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Audio adjustments are made with Adobe Audition.

While these two programs are where I spend the majority of my time; I can create some basic visual effects and special effects in Adobe After Effects, and edit images in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.


How Can I Make Your Content More Engaging Through Video Editing?

I can make your YouTube videos more engaging through editing by incorporating dynamic transitions, adding text overlays and graphics, using music and sound effects to enhance the mood, trimming out unnecessary parts, and applying color correction or grading to create a visually appealing aesthetic.


Quick turnaround time

Text animations & overlays

Color correction

Sound effects, adjustments & music

Professional transitions

Video Production For Any YouTuber

My editing process for YouTube creators is simple. Upload your footage (video files) and audio (through Dropbox), I edit your project, send you a link to review, and once it’s ready,you download your finished file, ready for your YouTube channel.


Let me sift through your raw footage, and tell a story your viewers will love.

I’ll add music (mp3), b-roll, and transitions to keep all eyes engaged in your content.

We can develop a template together, so you can keep pumping out vlogs to your subscribers!

Video Essays

It doesn’t matter if it’s an essay or a review; I’ll turn your footage into something fun, and special. Voiceovers will be edited over your footage and images (I do not provide or search google for images for your project).

This is what got me into editing and production in the first place!

YouTube Shorts

While editing your long-form content, I’ll grab my (or your) favorite clips that will work perfect as short-form content for iPhone/iOS devices or Android users.

Your YouTube Shorts will be edited with retention and entertainment as the focus. Your short-form content can be repurposed for all the social media platforms (Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, or Facebook), and can have subtitles added, if required.

Talking Head Video

You’re speaking in front of the camera. I’ll keep the viewer interested.

I’ll follow your channel’s style, or help you create one with: graphics and text overlays, sound effects, and more!

I currently edit for a cooking YouTube channel and their podcast channel. Check out a video below with over 1 MILLION VIEWS!

Find more edited examples over on my PORTFOLIO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What computer and editing software do you use?

I work on a Windows PC and have a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for all its advanced features. If there is an app you would like me to test out, such as, Adobe Premiere Rush, we can definitely talk about it!

I DO NOT edit in Final Cut Pro or use Mac tech/Apple devices (iPad).

Do You Offer Free Video Editing For Test Edits?

No. All my work is paid work, including if you want to start with a test edit. 

My minimum project fee is $650, but I can provide an estimate and timeline for your project or on-going work, after we meet to discuss.

For new clients: half of the approved project fee will be due up front before work is started. A watermark will be applied to the final cut, until the second payment is made.  

Do you include revisions with your youtube video editing?

Yes! Two rounds of revisions are included with all projects! Cuts are provided through, for easy review on your end. Any feedback you have can be easily left at the exact timestamp of the video.

The first round of revisions will be based on the comments you provide on the first-cut.

The second round of revisions will be based on the comments you provide on the final-cut.

If you require additional revisions, they will be charged at my hourly rate. Typically, the included two rounds are more than enough.